Saturday, 30 March 2013

Sneak Peek!

I just thought i would share with you what has been happening at the Bluegingerdoll headquarters of late...... 
 Although it has been a little bit quiet  with news of the release of the pattern, here on the blog ... i have been feverishly working away on it.... I am currently in the midst of preparing for a photo shoot this coming Monday for the pattern  look book   and  have been busy, maybe slightly frantic...   sewing  the final pattern samples, organizing the styling.. oh and trying to figure when it will be somewhat of a sunny day!
But  i  am really excited about the upcoming  shoot, the location is stunning  and  just finally getting closer to the release of the pattern design, because you gals  are going to love it!!!!
But till then folks,  here are is a little sneak peek of  what i have been working on:

So stay tuned for the end result of the photo shoot  and news of the release of the Bluegingerdoll pattern ! 


Happy sewing!



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