Saturday, 29 November 2014


Welcome  back to the Bonnie sew-along!

Today we start sewing up our Bonnie's so hopefully you've got your sizes sorted, traced your pattern, picked, prepped and cut out your fabrics and are ready to go!

If you need a refresher or are just joining in, you can find the last sew-along posts here.


In the first sew-along post, 'Sewing with knits' i mentioned clear plastic tape as being an important supply to have when it comes to sewing with knit fabrics. On the Bonnie pattern we need to stablize the shoulder seams on the back bodice (only) so when you pull your Bonnie over your head these seams don't stretch out and warp.
Cut x2 pieces of the clear plastic tape slightly longer than the back bodice shoulder seams. Pin the tape to the wrong side of each back bodice shoulder seam, within the 1/4'' seam allowance. Zigzag stitch each piece of tape in place, being careful not to stretch the tape out as you stitch. You may need to practice a little bit with attaching clear plastic tape, it can be a tad finicky but after a few practice runs you should be fine. Trim the excess tape.

Grab your front bodice piece. Right sides together stitch the front bodice to the back bodice at the shoulder seams. Press the seams open.


If you're sewing up View A& B Bonnie versions then read on to attach the neckline band. 

Fold the neckline band in half lengthwise with right sides together. Stitch the two short ends together.

Now fold the  neckline band lengthwise with the wrong sides together.
Divide the neckline band and the bodice neckline edge into fourths with pins.

Right sides together pin the neckline band raw to the bodice neckline raw edge, matching the pins. Place the neckline band seam at the center back of the bodice.
Stitch the neckline band in place, stretching the neckline band to fit the bodice neckline. Be careful not to stretch the bodice neckline as you stitch, stretch only the neckline band.
On the right side finish the neckline band off by top-stitching with a twin/double needle or a long straight stitch.
Give the neckline a good press on the right side.


The View C version of Bonnie has the easiest neckline to do. Simply turn the raw edge of the bodice neckline 3/8'' to the wrong side and press. On the right side finish the neckline with top-stitching by using a twin/double needle or zigzag stitch 1/4'' in the edge. Give the finished neckline a good press.

Next up we will tackle attaching our sleeves, bodice side seams and all that jazz.



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