Monday, 6 October 2014


Woohoo this is the final Odette sew-along post and we will finishing off our Odette's today.

As usual you can find all the previous sew-along post here.

First up we will stitch up the bodice insert for all Odette versions.


Following the same process for applying lightweight fusible interfacing to our waistbands we will be doing the same thing to our bodice inserts to give it a bit more structure and support to the buttonholes.

 Grab your bodice insert and interfacing pieces.

Following the manufacturers instructions for your lightweight fusible interfacing, apply it to the wrong side of one of the bodice insert pieces.
Right sides together pin the bodice insert pieces together.

Stitch the pieces together and leaving a 1'' opening along the bottom edge.

Trim seams and grade each corner.

Turn the insert right side out and give it a good press.

Slip stitch or top stitch the 1'' opening closed.

Hopefully you have picked out some super cute buttons for your bodice insert?
Hand stitch your buttons in place on the bodice insert, where marked.

On the front bodice create the buttonholes where marked, stitching through the shell and lining fabric.Attach your bodice insert to your Odette dress!


 Try on your Odette dress and mark your preferred hem length.
Turn the raw hem edge up 1/4'' to the wrong side and stitch it down.

Turn the hem up another 1'' the wrong side and press.

Catch stitch the hem in place, easing in the fullness of the skirt of you stitch.

Below is what your finished hem will look like from the right side.


Now onto the bodice lining that has been just hanging there the whole time! But before you stitch the bodice lining down at the waist you need to stitch it down to the zipper tape. So you can either slip stitch this down or use your machine. If you choose to use your machine i will have a tutorial on how to do this coming up on the blog soon.
OK, back stitching the  bodice lining down at the waistline. On the inside of the dress pin the bodice lining down to the bodice shell. Just the same with stitching the bodice lining down to the zipper tape you have two options as well with the waistline. You can either hand stitch it down or using your machine 'stitch in the ditch'.

I opted to hand stitch my bodice lining on this particular Odette i made, below is the finished product.


Folks who are stitching up View B&C versions of Odette may be wondering how to finalize the bodice lining at the armholes. Well its easy! 
On the inside of the bodice turn the bodice lining under to the wrong side and pin in place. This is easier to do if you use your dress model. Now you can simply hand stitch each bodice lining armhole down, again using your dress model while doing this makes it easier.

And that's it for the Odette sew-along, i hope you enjoyed it! You should have yourself a superb Odette dress to wear.

In the coming days i will have a pattern hack and some tutorials for the Odette dress so keep an eye out for those.

You can also show off your finished Odette in the Flickr/group as well on the Facebook sew-along page. Use the hashtag #odettesewalong on the social side of things so i don't miss any of them!



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