Friday 4 July 2014

TUTORIAL: How to Mitre corners (On the 'Ava' jacket)

Ever noticed those clean and professional looking, neatly  folded corners on a skirt vent, quilt corners, jacket lapels and even place mats? 

Wondered what kind of sewing magic one must know to be able to do this?

Well wonder no more! Today's tutorial i'll be holding your hand showing you how to complete the sewing technique called ' Mitering corners' on the ' Ava' jacket which uses this technique on its front collar lapels.  

Just follow a few simple steps and you'll be on your way to lovely neat and professional corners on your sewing projects.

* If you are using this technique on other projects than the 'Ava' jacket you may want to finish the raw edges of the seam allowance before you Mitre the corners of you project. The 'Ava' jacket is lined so these raw edges don't show. 

Step 1:

Start on either side of the front collar shell pieces.

Fold the seam allowance  to the wrong side along the collar shell and the jacket hem leading up to the jacket front.

Press them well so you have clear visible crease lines.

Step 2:

For this step you can either press along this line or mark it on the actual fabric. In this post i have chosen to mark this line, but in the actual 'Ava' instructions i advise to press along this line. Either way works.

Mark a line across the point of the triangle on the wrong side of the fabric.

Step 3:

Right sides together fold the collar shell together, down the centre of this this corner. Match all of the creased pressed lines and edges of the collar edges. 

Step 4: 

Whichever method you chose to use (creased or marked line)  stitch along this marked line on the wrong side.

Trim the excess fabric just below this stitched line.

Step 4:

For the final step turn this corner right side out and press.

Corners from the right side.

Repeat on the opposite of the collar shell corner and then sit back and admire your lovely profesh corners!



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