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The Betsy & Ava blog tour round up!

For those of you who have been following along with the Betsy & Ava blog tour you would have been treated to some seriously talented gals sewing up these two patterns and rocking them in their fabulous ways. If you missed it I've rounded up them all up in this post! Yay!

The release of Betsy & Ava and also the blog tour of these two patterns coincided with the new size range for Bluegingerdoll patterns, sizes: 4-24. What better peeps to showcase these new sizes than the Curvy Collective. These gorgeous ladies also showcased ( better than i could in a blog post) that if you got curves than you can still totally rock a pencil skirt AND it be sexy and flattering! For me this was the best part.

Just to clarify and also  in case any of you have been wondering,  seeing as this blog tour was bang in the middle of a recent debate floating around the sewing blogosphere.  All these lovely lasses tested either one or both of the patterns (receiving a copy of the final pattern as a thank you/payment) and being the nice folk they are decided of their own free will and no payment to partake in this little blog tour for the patterns. Therefore  the blog tour consists of all their own honest opinions ( good and bad) of the patterns - no arm twisting, payment for glorified opinions ( Bluegingerdoll will never work in this way) grey areas or choosing of clique groups ( for the blog tour/pattern testing have occurred).  In my opinion a/this blog tour is such a cool, fun way to showcase how these patterns on different can be interpreted from another's unique perspective, shown on a range of body types and sizes, a range of fabric types as well as a whole host of others cool reasons which are too many to list.  I think its important to show the patterns in an unadulterated way at arms length from me so there is a clear and honest look at the patterns either as a blog tour or in a pattern review (which are also unpaid) - who wants to listen to me bang on about how cool my patterns are?  Even for me it was so very  interesting to see the patterns transformed in another's hands from its original version. I,  like you  got a lovely surprise each day when i saw each lovely blogger post their take on Betsy and Ava. I found it inspiring. I'm just truly grateful and thankful that such lovely people  exist who are completely 100% willing to help a me  (a stranger to nearly all of them)  out with my little piece of the world by testing my patterns and showcasing them  in new, unique ways and giving me thorough, professor like feedback!

So enjoy the blog tour round up  and you should totally blog stalk all these ladies for their honest take on Betsy & Ava, pretty pics and a lot more sewing goodness! They're sewing inspiration in the flesh.

The pictures say it all - Gorgeous!

Tanya not only made a gorgeous floral Betsy skirt ( View B) but an entire Bluegingerdoll ensemble with the Betsy skirt ( View C), the Ava jacket and the Mae blouse! This is so seriously divine, i might (will) copy.
Tanya from 

Betsy & Ava go chic/Rock star corporate with Liz. This beats any and all the boring corporate suits I've seen!

Tracy absolutely rocks a floral Betsy along with a unique ( awesome) take on the Ava jacket.
T from uandmii

Rockin it completely!

Knocking it out the park with this super sweet Betsy ( View B)

A contemporary and chic take on the Ava jacket.

Recreating my exact vision with Betsy & Ava in the coolest way! I'm in love with the mustard Ava.
Melissa from Scavenger Hunt Blog

Coming up on the blog are some  tutorials to help you out with sewing the tricky parts of both patterns. An official sew-along won't be taking place for either patterns due to the fact they are pretty simple patterns and i would love to just focus on these tricky parts of sewing them up than an entire sew-along. If you do have a tutorial you would like to see with the patterns please holla and Heather and I can have a tinker and see if we can help out. Remember i'm always around on email if you want to get in contact directly about the patterns :)

I'm off to sew up some of these Betsy & Ava looks for myself! 


P.S Apologies if any of the 'clarification' sounded harsh - its just my opinion on the whole thang :)


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