Tuesday, 6 May 2014

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It's been a little quiet around these parts lately.  Since the gob smacking success of the Winifred pattern - you gals fell head over heels for her. I have been working furiously away at two new pattern releases.  Yep that's right, two  new patterns are in the works at the moment, and are  in the hands of  some super fab pattern testers. I say this each time with a each pattern release, but these two have my heart beating faster each time i wear them. I'm excited to show you all!  Both are going to slip into your day to day wardrobe, adding some glamour ( which Bluegingerdoll is good at!) as well as being perfect to wear any season. 

These two beauties will be released at the end of May, and along with the release i have even more exciting happenings. So don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to get the new pattern releases  in your inbox within nano seconds of their release! You can also catch sneak peeks here and there over on Instagram. 

Also in the last couple of weeks, the Billie Jean sewing pattern had its 1st birthday!  What a milestone. My very first sewing pattern turned 1. Super proud, warm fuzzy moments ensued thinking back about how excited i was to release Billie Jean and to think now, how far i have come. A big THANK YOU must be given to all of you lovely peoples. Your support, encouragement and all round love for the patterns has made it all worthwhile. Sending every one of you a big virtual hug from a proud as punch Aussie gal doing something she loves. I hope you continue to stick around and celebrate many more milestones to come with me! 

Other cool stuff  that has happened recently, some gorgeous makes of the patterns have been popping  up all the over place. Check out another gorgeous Peggy skirt by Mary. This gal is pretty much the poster girl for the Peggy skirt!

Also the lovely Julia Bobbin made the most divine Billie Jean dress ever.

Julia Bobbin - Billie Jean Dress by Blue Ginger Doll Patterns

I've also been busy fine tuning the business side of Bluegingerdoll, making it more efficient
 ( for me i guess) and  ironing out the kinks here and there.  So hopefully these changes reflect on the day to day running of the business and give me more time to design and create. 

As well that i am happy to report that a few more lovely stockists  have come  aboard in the last month of so, and starting stocking the patterns . You can find the whole  (constantly updated ) list here

Happy sewing peeps!



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