Friday, 21 March 2014

Finding the perfect fabric for your Winifred dress

Hello Bluegingerdolls, I hope you are all excited for the Winifred sew-a-long starting next week.  Today we'll be expanding on the list of suggest fabrics for the pattern to give you a wider range of options. Hopefully this will be helpful for any of you having trouble deciding what to use.  It might also put a few ideas in your head for using something that's been lurking in your stash. :)

When choosing the perfect fabric for your Winifred dress there are two qualities to keep in mind.  First, does the fabric drape well? And second, is the fabric in light to medium weight range? Winifred's full skirt and pull on style work better with soft fabrics that drape against the body.  Steer away from anything that is labeled a bottom weight or has a stiff hand.

Warm weather suggestions

Cotton Lawn,Voile, Batiste, Double Gauze - All lightweight weaves of cotton/cotton blends that would make a lovely floaty dress. Any semi-transparent weaves can be underlined with a siri lining or a solid piece of cotton in a similar weight to make them fully opaque.

Source Harts Fabric
Linen/Linen Blends - A blouse or handkerchief weight linen will give you an airy dress to keep you cool during the summer months.

Source Fabric Mart
Rayon - Challis would work particularly well with the Winifred dress and has the advantage of coming in many fun prints.

Source Vogue Fabircs

Cold weather suggestions

Light weight denim or Chambray - Blouse weight denim or Chambray will make a great layering piece to wear with sweaters or jackets.

Source Gorgeous Fabrics

Wool Crepe - The drape of wool crepe will look beautiful in Winifred's full skirt. If you are sensitive to wool then a rayon lining can be added by cutting off the collar area of the pattern.

Source Emmaonesock
Light weight suiting - Any kind of suiting, wool or polyester, will lend it's self to a winter shirt dress.  Using a stretch suiting would be a nice touch to make your Winifred extra comfy.

Source Hart's Fabric

So tell us, what fabric have you chosen? Bright and bold, warm and cosy or spring time fun?

Don't forget the sew-along starts on the 24th of March, you can find all you need to know about it and the fantastic prizes that are up for grabs  here.


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