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The Peggy skirt - The beginners pattern

I spied this Peggy skirt sewn up by Malin from her blog Oh my green darling!  and i  fell in love with straight away i mean its a navy corduroy fabric, i love me some cordouroy! Who doesn't? And whats even better is that Malin has only been sewing for a couple of months! I'm like your kidding right? I read her email  again just to make sure i read it right, Yep... a couple of months,  a complete, total beginner tackled  the Peggy skirt and won big time! Mind you, the Peggy skirt is a  beginner pattern, but my god it nearly brought a tear to my eye to see basically a complete total sewing newbie  sewing up the pattern. It made me think of myself and my sewing skills  a couple of months into taking up a sewing  and i can tell you now,  if i had sewn up a Peggy skirt after a couple of months of sewing it wouldn't have looked like Malin's Peggy skirt hahhahahaha hilarious stuff!

For me this is what pattern designing  is all about,  all the proofing, testing reading and re-reading the instructions, going insane, testers testing to make sure everything is super clear and that sewing up a Bluegingerdoll pattern puts smiles on faces and doesn't give 'throw your sewing machine out the window' tanties  ( We've all had them right haha!?). I'm so proud of Malin and her Peggy skirt and i hope this gives beginners out there a kick up the bum that they can tackle the pattern too, yeah! 

So before i get all emotional over here, here is  Malin with her take on sewing up the Peggy skirt.

What type of fabric did you use? What inspired your choice of fabric?

I choose navy blue Corduroy, with really thin stripes, almost baby cord. In September -13 i went to Scotland on a job trip and fell in love all over again in the typical brittish fabrics. So when i came home i wanted to sew i wool and Corduroy. I thought The Peggy skirt would be perfect in corduroy since i wanted some "stiffness" in the skirt. It also fits the cold Swedish winter weather as a hand in the glove.

 Did your  Peggy skirt   live up to the image you had in your mind?

Yes it did! I love the retro look and this one looks retro but still has an contemporary look.
So i works perfect at the office and perfect at home.

 How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern?

By using the anchor buttons. I guess i wanted the sailor look in a winter way ( it always easier to make summer clothing with that feeling).  

Tell us a bit about your making process, any tweaks you made? 

At first i made a size twelve, but it was to big at the waist so i took the waist band of and managed to make a hole in the fabric (close to the left pocket). I took some inch of by making wider darts in the back and wider front pleats, so the side seams still would be on the side of the hips.  When i sew it all together it worked out fine. It wasn´t until when i took these photos of the skirt that i realised that the waist band isn't straight due to covering up for the hole near the pocket. I also shortened it a bit.

What thoughts do you have about the project? 

I thought it would be more advanced than it actually was. When i made this one in October i had  only been sewing for a few months but wanted something really nice. And since i love the retro look the  Peggy skirt was the one. I was to lazy to do a muslin, so i traced the pattern and cut the fabric. At first i was a bit nervous for the pocket part, but it was so easy. I think the pocket detail is one of the best things. Now after i´v been sewing some more skirts i must say that the way you put together the waistband is so smart and good looking. Well it got together easy and quicker than i thought. I guess hand sewing the buttons took the longest time :)

Are you planning any future Peggy skirts?

Yes!  I've  already bought some chambray to make a summer Peggy. I also think i´ll try to put a lining in that one. 

Thanks Malin! And if you have sewn up a Bluegingerdoll pattern and want to show it off here on the blog then give me a yell at, or upload them to the Flickr group  i would love to see it!


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