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Star struck Mae....

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

Here it is the last interview/blog post for 2013 with another talented and super crazy cool sewist from the blogosphere! But its not the last of me folks,  i have some cool stuff still come here on the blog even though we are getting super close to Christmas!Argh exciting :)

Introducing Julie , from her very lovely blog Jolies Bobines. I spied Julie's Mae blouse randomly one day on Instagram and i was blown away by it! The fit of her Mae blouse is absolute perfection and the fabric choice is the cutest i've ever seen :) Oh and how awesome does it look with jeans?! 
 FYI if you are on Instagram you can follow me at Instagram/ bluegingerdoll and if you're not on Instagram i totally recommend you get on there ASAP there is a massive sewing community on there, it's where all the cool kids hang out these day, ha! I also have an inkling that it will become the way for blogging, an instant photo of your just finished sewing project,hell yeah!

Julie was kind enough to answer a few questions about her Mae blouse for me, so read on and enjoy:

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

What type of fabric did you use? What inspired your choice of fabric?

I used a cotton by a french fabric designer I love "Atelier brunette".

I had some fabric left (I made some clothes when she start the collection). I chose this one

because I wanted to do something retro-modern and with some poetry And have a top to wear every day !

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

Did your Mae blouse live up to the image you had in your mind?

Yes, I love this pattern ! All the details, collar, sleeves and back buttons. It's exactly what I thought. The first time I saw this pattern was on Paunnet blog, and so I then followed Bluegingerdoll patterns. It was on my pinterest board, and I decide to make it when I saw the pdf version was available. I thought It was a good way to see if I can to make your patterns. I prefer paper patterns. So now I'm ready to do the Billy jean dress

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern?

 I think the fabric choice is very important and of course how you'll wear it ! With a skirt or trousers, flat shoes or stilettos... So it's not only one piece of clothing,it  is also how you wear it !

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

Tell us a bit about your making process, any tweaks you made? 

 I loved do the Mae blouse ! I had no problems following the sew along instructions (very good practice when you don't speak english very well ) I especially appreciate the back construction with perfect definitions

bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

 What thoughts do you have about the project?


bluegingerdoll Mae // Jolies bobines

Are you planning any future Mae blouses?

 Yes, of course, maybe a stylish (chic, smart) version with silk or a dress version why not.

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