Tuesday, 10 December 2013

A perfect Miss Peggy x 2...

Wowee have i got a gem of post  for you today! A little inspiration  to warm your already over excited sewing heart... 

Introducing Mary, from her blog Idle Fancy. Mary was my very first  customer to buy the Peggy skirt. I'm talking pressing that purchase button within a nano second of me releasing the pattern to the world! This initial sale made me relax a little and validated the fact  that the Peggy skirt pattern was most probably going to do OK out there in the sewing world, at least someone liked the pattern!  So massive thanks Mary :)

I asked Mary to give me low down on her 2 fab Peggy skirts, which are sewn up in cotton poplin and a gorgeous wool blend fabric. Not only Mary stitched up 2 amazeballs Peggy skirts, she  has also gone and done a really in depth review of the Peggy skirt pattern, i mean she has skinned it clean, opened it up for all to see, straight from the horses mouth, straight shooter stuff.. you get the drift. And an FYI,  this review of the pattern is totally ALL Mary's opinion, nothing to do with me. 
I just think giving you peeps a heads up about a reviews of  Bluegingerdoll patterns that are out there,  is a great way for all who are sitting on the fence about the Peggy skirt pattern or any other Bluegingerdoll patterns so you can get a review from another sewist just like you, not me the pattern designer who albeit tries really hard to be transparent and very open with all my patterns, but obviously  in the end i guess i am always going to be slightly bias about them... cause i think they're all cool as shit! Hahaha :)

OK enough from me, take it away Mary!

What type of fabric did you use? What inspired your choice of fabric?

For my first Peggy, I used a red cotton poplin with white pin dots. Because of the classic, retro look of the Peggy, I really wanted to use a fabric that fit the vibe of the pattern. Luckily, I had just enough of these tiny dots left over from a wearable dress muslin to make  out a Peggy. 

Did your  Peggy skirt   live up to the image you had in your mind?

It was even better! With high-waisted skirts, I get a little nervous about how they'll sit over my hips, but the finished Peggy fits beautifully. I absolutely love how the pocket design turned out and the waist placement is so flattering. Best skirt ever! 

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern?

Most of my wardrobe is made up of modern takes on retro styles and this Peggy fits in perfectly with that aesthetic. The pin dots are a more subtle take on the classic polka dot, which I love, and the design itself pairs wonderfully with my winter uniform of tights & boots. Even better, with heels and a fitted sweater it will dress up perfectly for a little retro flair at upcoming holiday parties! 

What thoughts do you have about the project? 

The Peggy skirt is, hands down, my new favourite skirt pattern. It's such a versatile piece, easily skewing either casual or dressy, depending on what fabric is used, and has such thoughtful design details. The pockets seem simple, but they add just the right amount of visual interest to the skirt front. Honestly, I can't rave enough about this pattern! I'm in love. 

Tell us a bit about your making process, any tweaks you made? 

For the most part, I followed Abby's instructions and process to a tee, taking just a few small adjustments here or there. Fit wise, I took in the waistband by about three inches, to compensate for my exaggerated hourglass figure, then took a very large hem (five inches!) to make the Peggy stop just at my knees. The only other thing I did was omit the adorable waistband tabs, because I was sadly pressed for time. 

Are you planning any future Peggy skirts?

Yes, definitely! I actually just finished my second one, made up in a black, cream, & pink wool plaid, and am already plotting a lip-shaped waistband version to sew up this weekend. Since she's such a versatile, comfortable skirt pattern, I probably won't stop making Peggy' any time soon!

Now go and read more about Mary's Peggy skirt addiction on her blog and her review of the Peggy skirt and all the over cool stuff she has sewn up. Before you go though,  check out a few more eye candy pics below of the Peggy skirts  from Mary's blog. Remember if you have stitched up a Bluegingerdoll pattern then get in touch and share it with us!

Also the Peggy skirt is NOW is also available as a PDF pattern as well as the paper pattern, so there is no excuse for not grabbing a copy for yourself! Grab it here, all you fence sitters :)



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