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Introducing the Peggy skirt!!!! 

The 3rd  pattern release for me & my little pattern company, Bluegingerdoll. Finally i can show you all, no more teasers, haha!

 I decided a skirt pattern was needed in the Bluegingerdoll range, especially a super easy, comfortable, feminine and very flattering design. A  skirt design  that would easily fit into your handmade wardrobe and onto your 'to-do' sewing list.

So without further ado,  let me  properly introduce Peggy:

'Especially designed for beginners the Peggy Skirt  is a cute A line  skirt with just the right  amount of flare.  This easy to sew skirt  features a gorgeous  front pocket design  with cute front tucks. A wardrobe essential , the high waist design will give maximum  figure flattery. The Peggy skirt  includes  three different  waistband variations. View A  has a straight waistband  with cute button tabs. View B  has a raised curved waistband. View C  has a curved 'Lip' shaped waistband.

 A practical ,comfortable and  stunning skirt  suited to all seasons and a variety of fabrics, your imagination is the only limit!'


There are three waistband  variations in the Peggy skirt pattern, so you basically transform the skirt into a totally different look with the simply change of the waistband:

 View A 

View A has the cutest waistband button tabs that attach to the side of the waistband. Easy to create and easy to attach for a lovely, fresh design detail. You can also easily swap the button tabs between each waistband variation.

View B
View B has a curved shaped waistband. The raised curved of the View B waistband  will accentuate your waist beautifully.

 View C 
View C has an extra cute  curved 'Lip' details waistband. Similar to View B, but gorgeous in its own right,the View C waistband design detail adds extra flattery and accentuation of the waist. 

 Beginner sewists

Beginners you will love the Peggy skirt, it is  really quick and  easy to sew up. It really is  a no hassles skirt. As i mentioned before it will fit easily into your handmade wardrobe and onto your sewing 'To do' list. With straight sewing techniques such as inserting a lapped zipper or attaching the waistbands, you don't need to learn any super exclusive sewing techniques, but it  will be a great pattern to practice your tried and true sewing skills. It is also easy skirt to  fit with only your waist and hip measurements needed. A quick muslin  is all you’ll need before sewing this beauty up.
















With only 6-7 pattern pieces and  just under 3 metres of fabric required,  you will easily get  a gorgeous Peggy skirt in that special fabric you have been eye balling or that stash busting fabric you have been saving for the perfect project, Yay for stash busting!  The Peggy skirt is super suited to a huge variety of fabrics, such as Chambray, Cottons for the warmer months or heavier wool blends in the cooler months. So  you can definitely modify it to suit any kind of weather, wherever you are in the world.  Also because Peggy being a small pattern with  only 6-7 pattern pieces depending on which variation you sew up, its an easy skirt to sew up in a hurry.One of my pattern testers advised me they cut it out the day before, roughly within an hour or so  then sewed it up in the next night! Super fast. We love quick sewing projects, don't we?!















 Just throw on some tights, flats and a cute cardigan in the cooler months or grab you cutest wedges and sweet singlet top in the warmer weather,and you will be good to go with your Peggy skirt! By mixing and matching the waistband variations with different types of fabrics you can create a whole new fresh Peggy skirt each and every time you sew up this pattern.In no time at all you could have a whole range of Peggy skirts you will be able to wear day through to night, work or play, you only need to use your imagination!


Yay for pockets! I love pockets they are the best thing since sliced bread in my books...
The Peggy pockets are not only functional but  have also been designed so they 'gape' away from the skirt, which is a really cute design feature. They are also  nice deep pockets for all your treasures or simply place yo hands.

Cute Design Features:

The cutest front tucks around these parts. The tucks have been designed so that they add just an extra little bit of spesh to Peggy. A simply compliment, that beautifully accentuates the pocket design of Peggy.


Peggy also flattering  in the way that it nips in at the small of your waist, with its high waist design. It also loosely skims just over your hips but still with enough fit that you aren't completely lost in the skirt and have that 'I'm bigger than i actually am look', it actually creates the  maximum amount of  figure flattery for your curves.


 Bike friendly skirt length 

The Peggy has been certifiably tested and has been given the A-OK with riding a bike! The Peggy skirt length falls just below the knee not only for a feminine look but will keep your modesty in tact when on you bike, oh and also you want get trapped in your bike chain!The hem line is also a little bit looser then a standard A line skirt, allowing a little bit more extra flow and movement.  Also keep in mind  if you prefer the skirt  shorter then  it's super easy to shorten it  to your preferred length.


Tried and tested

Peggy has been tested through all sorts of scenarios, because you know what us gals are busy little bees. I have worn all three Peggy variations to my day job, grocery shopping, walked my dog, on a long car trip, bike riding, nights out etc and it is the most comfortable skirt throughout them all. And still at the end of all these activities i still felt gorgeous and comfortable. I will make one guarantee though with the Peggy skirt, you WILL receive a HEAP of compliments!!!







Peggy closes with a lapped zipper in the back... What can i say I'm a fan of Lapped zippers.

Your pattern

Its been lovely to hear such lovely comments on the new pattern packaging, I'm glad you all like it, i myself, am really happy with it. So once again the Peggy pattern will come in the cute Bluegingerdoll envelope packaging, all individually stamped by me! Included with the full multi- Sized paper pattern with clear, concise instructions with lots of detailed images AND with a sew-along coming soon on the blog.

I also have a new schmancy website to show you all as well!
It is the same website address just heaps cooler and a whole lot easier to shop! 

Guess what?!  I want you to  celebrate with me and enjoy the release of the Peggy pattern!
 Sooooo for the next week, finishing up on the 11th, you will receive 10% discount off the PEGGY pattern! Yay!

You can pick up a copy on the new and fancy WEBSITE or at the ETSY SHOP if you prefer that. Just use  the coupon code PRETTYPEGGY2013 in either shop to claim the discount. 

Peggy  is will only be available as a paper pattern.

FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING is also available in both shops as well.

Hope you like PEGGY!


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