Friday, 6 September 2013

Fabric covered buttons on the Mae blouse - A tutorial

Who is up for some inspiration for the upcoming weekend? Of course sewing related....

Remember my Gingham Mae blouse i posted about here?  Well i did a schmancy thing and added some matching fabric covered buttons to the button down back. You know, i gotta tell ya, this  button down back on the Mae blouse, is just as much a pretty f***ing cool feature as the scalloped neckline, so it deserves just as much attention, so why not make it even more spesh! Yeah!

I did promise i would share a tutorial on how you can easily create your own spesh buttons on your Mae blouse, so before we start here is a heads up. You can use whatever fabric takes your fancy, matching or contract works, but just an FYI, a  thicker fabric won't work the best with the fabric covered buttons, so stay away from it, OK? Or you will have shit buttons.

Are ya ready? OK... lets do this:

Step 1:
 Make your buttonholes.

Step 2:
Gather all your supplies for making your fabric covered buttons, such as:

5/8'' fabric covered button kit (You can pick these up in most, if not all sewing shops)
1/8 yards of  fabric of your choice (Remember you can use matching fabric or contrast fabric, go wild!)
Needle and thread

Step 3:
Cut 7 2''x 2'' fabric squares from your chosen fabric.
Yeah i know there is only 4 in the photo,
but you cut 7!

Step 4:
Centre the button shell with the fabric wrong side up and  with the rounded side of the button shell facing down in the centre of the fabric.

Step 5:
Hold the fabric firmly and press the  button shell into the mold.

Step 6:
You can trim the extra fabric around the sides, but i just left mine and it worked just fine!

Step 7:
Tuck/squish the fabric into the button shell.

Step 8:
Place the button back over the tucked/squished fabric.

Step 9:
Press down firmly with the pusher to snap it in place, you will hear a soft click, if you don't press harder :)

Step 10:
You're all done! All you need to do now is sew those beauties on!

How easy is that? So easy!

 Now go forth and cover your buttons, my friends!

The Mae sew-along starts next Wednesday the 11th September! I hope you all  have marked your calendars and are dreaming of what to buy with your prizes if you win!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!




  1. I am going to have to start doing this. I loooooove fabric covered buttons.

    1. You totally should, easiest way to fancy up ya clothes :)

  2. In the long run your buttons might come loose because of the pressure from the extra fabric on the inside. Why use a square to cover a circle? If you cut the corners first you don't have that much fabric to deal with and you'll enjoy your buttons much longer!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Marianne, it's a good point you make,regarding the square and circle shapes and using them together. Funnily enough though, i have made buttons both ways, using square and circle cut fabric and i have found it never seems to make much difference to the longevity of the buttons. I also find using either the circle or square shapes works just fine, as long as the fabric is kept to the 2''x 2'' amount or the required size for the particular button size you may have.
      I guess either way works, its just your personal preference in shapes ;)


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