Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Billie Jean revamped.....


Have you seen the revamped Billie Jean version made by the lovely Bex over at her blog:  subversiveanarchicfemme ?! I tells ya, its amazing!

Bex revamped  dress 2 of the  Billie Jean pattern,  and used it as a base for an amazing dress design she was inspired by and  wanted to recreate..... and recreate she did, the final dress is absolutely divine and an exact replica of the dress.

The gingham fabric is divine

Bex made several muslin's to attain the perfect fit she has achieved, I highly recommend this for the Billie Jean bodice. She also made  several modifications to the Billie Jean  dress design, to recreate the dress she was inspired by.


She also self drafted the fabulous collar detail, and hand stitched the entire collar by hand to the dress!!! Also  if you ask nicely she will send you a copy of the collar, to make one of these dresses for yourself!!!

Check out the cute lobster brooch

Make your way over to Bex's blog  subversiveanarchicfemme and have a bit more of a read about the dress, and  all the other cool stuff she makes!

Thanks Bex!



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