Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Billie Jean printing .....

Well folks, it is an exciting time at the moment..... The Billie Jean sewing pattern has officially been sent off to the printers this week!!! Yay!!  Soooo this means that  it looks like the pattern will be sent out to all your folks sooner than expected, and sooner  then the mid June time frame  i previously estimated, but i will still be crossing my  fingers that  it all goes smoothly!

I am waayyy excited, it has been a long time coming and it is such a great feeling and relief to see the pattern finally going to print. And again a  massive thank you to all of you who showed support for the Billie Jean pattern during the pre sale, i appreciate it so much and you have helped a whole lot in getting Billie Jean off the ground. I am loving seeing Billie Jean's popping up all over the place, you gals are a talented bunch!

Once the pattern is printed and on its way in the post, is there anyone who would be interested in participating in a Billie Jean sewalong series? Both dresses or one in particular?

Oh and here a teeny tiny sneak peek of the next upcoming  Bluegingerdoll pattern design, soon to be released for pre sale!!!!



Thank you so much for the visit and leaving a comment!
I totally appreciate them all!

Happy sewing!


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